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The Gourmet Vegetarian

The Gourmet Vegetarian

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This nutritious gift will allow you to enjoy the benefit of healthy, wholesome foods giving you the taste of gourmet products for the whole family.
Enjoy the great selection of products, that will allow everyone to enjoy these delicious flavours in our plant-based products.


Passing Cloud - Pinot Noir 750ml
Adelia - Nut Granola Bar 200g
Pimp my Salad Cashew Parmesan 120g
Tumami by Alice Everything Spread 110g
Bennetto Natural Food - Mint & Coca Nibs 100g
Bennetto Natural Food - Toasted Hazelnut 100g
Just Whole food - Vanilla Custard 100g
Just Whole Food - Raspberry Jelly 85g
Just Whole Food - Tropical Jelly 85g
Olina's Bakehouse - Turmeric Wafer Crackers 140g
The Olive Branch - Dukka Chermoula 175g
Macro Mike - Banana Bread 300g
The Cruelty Free Pantry Mac & Cheese 218g
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