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Nothing But Chilli

Nothing But Chilli

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For lover of all things hot and spicy, indulge your chilli obsession with our handpicked chilli products, from sauces and spices, to jams and chocolates. Something to satisfy all chilli lover’s needs.


Ministry of Chocolate - Dark Chilli 100gm
Ministry of Chocolate - the Fiery Macca 100gm
Blairs Ultra Death Sauce 150ml
Carolina Reaper 148ml
Sh*t The Bed - Aussie Hot Sauce 236ml
Woodcutter Chilli Chutney 330gm
Mad Dog Xtra Bite Chilli Jam 235gm
DEBrews Gourmet Brews - Chilli Brew
Chai Spice - Chilli Choc 200gm
Flying Goose Sriracha Hot Chilli Peanuts 140gm
The Spice People - Sichuan Salt 35gm
The Spice People - Chillies Crushed 45gm
The Spice People - Chilli Maras 35gm
The Spice People - Chilli Urfa Biber 35gm
The Spice People - Chillies Kashmiri Ground 55gm
The Spice People - Chillies Indian Whole 20gm
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